Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Education by Obama

On, there is a nice little outline (3 points) to reform our educational system.

First of all, he wants to hire an "army" of qualified teachers and use "innovative" ways to reward them for doing well.

Does anyone else feel like the problem isn't really with the teachers, necessarily?
American kids can't read. We use the "look and say" (recognition) method in public schools rather than phonics. Isn't learning the 26 letters and how they sound a no-brainer?

And he wants an innovative way to reward the teachers? Like what? Money? candy bars?
How about respect for their job? Oh wait, we can't put that in the budget...

He also wants to make sure that kids go on to do at least a year of college or job training. In other words, he wants to produce kids that work or want to work. Kids that want to give a little to the economy. What about producing kids who love to learn. Kids who are taught at a young age that what they are learning isn't just so that they can get a job, but so that they can find fulfillment in life and find beauty and truth and goodness. Oh wait, that can't really be translated into dollars either.

Any ideas on reform that actually make sense?

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  1. Nicely said, Ms. Williams - As we all know by now, public schools merely mirror the society they serve. No amount of dollars or reform will change a thing unless parents "man up" and raise their children.