Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is the Constitution Party?

The point of this blog is to educate America about what is going on in ...America. I listen to Republican radio ALOT, and so I thought that I was pretty well informed on the news. I listen to Rush and Glenn Beck... and I've never heard of the Constitution Party. Have you?

Apparently, it is the third largest party... granted it's small but listen to what it stands for...
"The Constitution Party gratefully acknowledges the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Creator, Preserver and Ruler of the Universe and of these United States. We hereby appeal to Him for mercy, aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His Providence as we work to restore and preserve these United States."

That's just the beginning of the preamble... it goes on to talk about the sanctity of human life, limited government, public respect for public officials, congressional reform, the purpose of government to defend, and countless other things that I stand for. Does that mean that I should join this party? Should I click on the "Get Involved Locally" button?

Wonder who will win the Biggest Loser finale? Where's that book I was reading? I really need to wash some clothes. Do we have milk for breakfast tomorrow?

Sure, we all have individual lives that rarely ever cross paths. We have needs, and wants that go beyond party systems. But I want a government that really will "provide for the common defense and promote the GENERAL welfare", and I can't do it alone. I'm not gonna push the button for now. I'll wait to see if anyone else is out there. Does that make me a coward?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Congress in favor of wise citizens, but is Obama fostering a haven for ignorance?

Recently, I came across a quote located in some act that Congress made. It said, "Democracy demands wisdom and vision in its citizens and that (the government) must therefore support a form of education designed to make people masters of their technology and not its UNTHINKING servants."

Wow. If someone had told me that this quote came from our government, I would have said yeah right... so here's the link.

Also, this was an act from 1965. It seems that in those days we still valued the idea of being wise and free citizens. Citizens that knew better than to borrow too much money for a house that they couldn't afford. Now the government helps us to be foolish. This reinforces what I have been contemplating for several weeks now. Education makes a culture.

I'm not sure how to change our education system without just letting it bomb first. I have the option to homeschool or do private education but what about the majority of Americans that are the byproduct of a test-soaked education that is anemic in the pursuit of truth and goodness and beauty. I realize that teaching children to love to learn is harder than teaching them the facts and then making sure that they pass.

Any ideas?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Media for Obama

See the article here

ABC will be allowing the government to use its broadcasting for an entire day to introduce the idea of socialized healthcare... There will be no opposing views heard.

What is the main problem with this?
After all, ABC can do whatever they want ?right? Freedom of speech, right? They don't have to include the views of the Republicans, right?

Maybe the problem is that the President is banking on the fact that most of America doesn't care about what is going on in the world outside the walls of their living room. He is counting on them turning on the TV and listening all day long to ABC and never hearing the bad. Then when socialized healthcare really starts, the American public will just say, "oh yeah, I think I saw something on the news about that."

The art of debate is non-existent. The age of logic is over. It's time to lay your pretty heads on the couch, switch on the tube and let your mind absorb the "gospel" according to the government. Night, night.

Talk about this with people, write to the newspaper. WAKE UP! EDUCATE yourselves and everyone else. Don't let them do this to you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Education by Obama

On, there is a nice little outline (3 points) to reform our educational system.

First of all, he wants to hire an "army" of qualified teachers and use "innovative" ways to reward them for doing well.

Does anyone else feel like the problem isn't really with the teachers, necessarily?
American kids can't read. We use the "look and say" (recognition) method in public schools rather than phonics. Isn't learning the 26 letters and how they sound a no-brainer?

And he wants an innovative way to reward the teachers? Like what? Money? candy bars?
How about respect for their job? Oh wait, we can't put that in the budget...

He also wants to make sure that kids go on to do at least a year of college or job training. In other words, he wants to produce kids that work or want to work. Kids that want to give a little to the economy. What about producing kids who love to learn. Kids who are taught at a young age that what they are learning isn't just so that they can get a job, but so that they can find fulfillment in life and find beauty and truth and goodness. Oh wait, that can't really be translated into dollars either.

Any ideas on reform that actually make sense?

Friday, May 15, 2009

In the vein of wanting to keep America informed about America, here is an excerpt by John Piper concerning a statement that our President made about abortion.

Once again I am in awe at the ability of our President to communicate. He is winsome. He is charming. And for a moment I want to trust him and believe him.

After watching this I thought to myself, "What can I do to stop it though?" I am reading a book on pop culture and the author points out that culture is not developed by big men who decide to change the culture. It just happens. Thousands of choices that people make everyday creates the culture around us. My decision to have children, my decision to support crisis pregnancy centers, my decision to vote for politicians who are pro-life is helping to form the culture around us.

In one hundred years, they will look back and see what the culture was like and how it contributed to or destroyed society. They won't look at only one group, but it will be the collective decisions of us all that will decide the future. Granted: God is sovereign, but God uses human decisions to bring about His plans.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Planned Parenthood encourages child abuse

It's discouraging to say the least when you find out that your hard earned money is going to something like child abuse.

Tennessee gives over a million dollars every year to Planned Parenthood.

An undercover investigator, pretending to be a 14 year old girl with a 31 year old boyfriend, went into Planned Parenthood. She told them that she didn't want her parents to know that she was pregnant or about her boyfriend. Planned Parenthood told her to just tell the judge that the boyfriend was 17 and the judge would waive the parental consent that she would need to get the abortion.

In Tennessee its illegal for a man to have sex with a 14 year old girl. If that girl was being abused and forced by her abuser to lie then Planned Parenthood is sending these girls right back into the situation that they were in. If we need to give money to someone who will educate kids about sex, then let's give that million dollars or so to crisis pregnancy centers who go into schools and educate kids about abstinence.

To see the video about Planned Parenthood go to LiveAction.Org.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do you "love" America?

I want to clarify this statement that I made earlier:
"Today, America has moved toward the idea that those who lead our government are the ones that know what is right or wrong.

I don't love America just because I happen to live here. I don't think of myself as patriotic to America no matter what.... I am patriotic because, traditionally, America has stood for things that resound in my soul. There are things that are bigger and more important than just the idea of "America". There is a kingdom that is eternal and in the end it won't matter if you are French, Australian or Cuban. I am patriotic to that kingdom. That kingdom has laws that are already written on our hearts. We know in our hearts that it is wrong to kill or betray, we know in our hearts that it is wrong to steal or even be unkind. We have written laws that uphold what we are already know to be true.

When I said that America has begun to believe that our government are the ones that know right from wrong, I meant that sometimes they try to "create" right and wrong. The abortion issue for instance. I think it is wrong to kill, and the government has said that it is right. Going into debt: I think that is obviously unwise. Feeding the hungry and poor: Now that is something that we can agree on....Going about doing it is a different matter.

My point is that we should be patriotic to America and even love America because it is the only place on this earth that allows us to freely cherish the everlasting kingdom and its values and laws. In America, honor is upheld, love is upheld, kindness is upheld, generosity is upheld. These are laws that are written on our hearts. Does that even make sense? It makes sense in my head but maybe I'm wrong....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A tea party (Taxed Enough Already) is a movement by American people who are fed up with big government spending all of their hard earned money. It's a rally. It's the right to voice your opinion. Honestly, do you call your senator/ representative every time a new bill comes up? Did you call them when it was time to vote on the stimulus bill?

Our government has become so big that the American voice has been drowned out. We go about our lives trusting that we are being protected, flipping the channels right past CSPAN and even the news because, let's face it, LOST or even Seinfeld reruns is more exciting.

Tea parties are an opportunity for normal people who don't have time to research and call and write letters every week. It's a chance to yell really loud just once "LEAVE MY MONEY ALONE!"

In my lifetime I have only seen the American people this excited about something since 9/11. I don't want to fight the government but I do want stand up for what's mine.

It could be that Obama's forcing his facism and socialism on America was just enough to send them over the edge to wanting more state government and less big government. The people still vote. The people will be looking for new politicians who will stand up to the President and say "No more spending."

P.S. Check out Texas government at

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The authority in America

During the Reformation, the Protestants argued that the Church was not the final authority but rather the Bible was the final authority because it came directly from God. One of the really good things about this is that people turned to an authority that couldn't be degraded by greed or lust or power.

Today, America has moved toward the idea that those who lead our government are the ones that know what is right or wrong. But that is why we have a Constitution. We have a piece of paper that tells us how America should work and it can't be influenced by greed, lust or power. Do you think that this is the way that it should be? Granted: America will never be perfect because it is made up of imperfect people. I know that there is always talk about things being unconstitutional but I really think that that has just become a buzzword, after all most of us don't even know what the constitution says.

Do you know what it says? I don't.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do you want your doctor to kill you?

Wouldn't it be crazy if our government started requiring doctors to do abortions? That would be so stupid because then what would they require next? Euthanasia?

Apparently there is a law right now that allows doctors to refuse to do things that they find to be morally objectionable. However, they are trying to change the law to require doctors to give out the abortion pill even if that goes against their conscience. They call it the "conscience rule".

You can read more about it here. Pretty interesting that the Obama administration brought this up over a month ago... I haven't heard anything about it. Too many laws to keep up with.

If you don't want the government to require your doctor to prescribe the morning after pill or do an abortion or kill you if you are mostly dead then click here. This takes less than a minute to fill out and you can make your voice heard. Get educated, America.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Do we even need taxes?

Why does the government tax us? Before 1913 there was NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX! What did the government do? They protected us and our rights - including protecting us from big governement. What happened? Government became convinced that they needed to protect our economic welfare as well.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the New Deal by Roosevelt. I knew nothing about it and the media assumes that we all do.

The New Deal was a series of economic stimulus packages (sound familiar) during the Great Depression to help the unemployed and to reform financial practices.

Doesn't sound too bad, right? But before the Depression the government had very little control over "the economy and money supply, intervention to control prices and agricultural production" according to Wikipedia.

What is crazy!!!! to me is that there were DEMOCRATS that started the American Liberty League to oppose the New Deal. There were also Republicans that opposed it as well.

There are only three things left from the New Deal - Social Security, Securities and Exchange Commission (which is a government agency that controls stock exchanges) and Fannie Mae.

Our government believes that all government is good and so they should be the ones that hand out the money. They should be the ones to educate our children, care for our parents, and provide us with healthcare.

What happened to the purpose of government? Once again the lines have been crossed. Before the New Deal government existed to protect and to punish wrongdoers. After the New Deal the government became the country's god, trying to be sovereign over every aspect of life because it believed that people were either bad or in trouble and since the government is good, and supposedly self sufficient, then who better to save the dying masses from their pitiful lives?

Like most people, I get tired of the doomsday mentality in the news. I see good things happening. Thankfully, our government doesn't want to take away our religious rights... yet.... and thankfully, I can still choose to put my child in private school or homeschool, and thankfully, the government is still trying to get the bad guys. So I am not trying to be a doomsdayer.

Don't forget! April 15th many people are getting together on tax day to voice their opinion about taxes.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Have you ever read the Bill of Rights?

I just realized today that I had never even read the bill of rights. How will I know if my rights are being taken away if I don't know what they are?

In the United States, the Bill of Rights is the name by which the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution are known.[1] They were introduced by James Madison to the First United States Congress in 1789 as a series of articles, and came into effect on December 15, 1791, when they had been ratified by three-fourths of the States. Thomas Jefferson was the main proponent of the Bill of Rights.[2]
(Copied from Wikipedia)

This is a list of the Bill of Rights from the website

  1. Congress can't make any law about your religion, or stop you from practicing your religion, or keep you from saying whatever you want, or publishing whatever you want (like in a newspaper or a book). And Congress can't stop you from meeting peacefully for a demonstration to ask the government to change something.
  2. Congress can't stop people from having and carrying weapons, because we need to be able to defend ourselves.
  3. You don't have to let soldiers live in your house, except if there is a war, and even then only if Congress has passed a law about it.
  4. Nobody can search your body, or your house, or your papers and things, unless they can prove to a judge that they have a good reason to think you have committed a crime.
  5. You can't be tried for any serious crime without a Grand Jury meeting first to decide whether there's enough evidence for a trial. And if the jury decides you are innocent, the government can't try again with another jury. You don't have to say anything at your trial. You can't be killed, or put in jail, or fined, unless you were convicted of a crime by a jury. And the government can't take your house or your farm or anything that is yours, unless the government pays for it.
  6. If you're arrested, you have a right to have your trial pretty soon, and the government can't keep you in jail without trying you. The trial has to be public, so everyone knows what is happening. The case has to be decided by a jury of ordinary people from your area. You have the right to know what you are accused of, to see and hear the people who are witnesses against you, to have the government help you get witnesses on your side, and you have the right to a lawyer to help you.
  7. You also have the right to a jury when it is a civil case (a law case between two people rather than between you and the government).
  8. The government can't make you pay more than is reasonable in bail or in fines, and the government can't order you to have cruel or unusual punishments (like torture) even if you are convicted of a crime.
  9. Just because these rights are listed in the Constitution doesn't mean that you don't have other rights too.
  10. Anything that the Constitution doesn't say that Congress can do should be left up to the states, or to the people.
I thought that number nine and number ten were particularly interesting. What a great time in history this is to talk about what is right and wrong and how do we ultimately know who is right about those things. Number ten further shows that the states and people were meant to make more decisions than they do today.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Checks and Balances

It seems to me that our President just does whatever he wants.

Can someone explain to me how the "checks and balances" system is working in America today?


I really think it's funny that there has basically been no talk on TV about tea parties.

This is not a democrat or a republican thing. This is a big party for freedom fighters. People who are tired of the government spending all of our money on stimulus packages and bailouts. People who are tired of the government telling us how to run our businesses or how to educate our kids.

Find a tea party near you and speak out about the values that you stand for. There is one here in West Tennessee on April 24th at Pringles Park at 5:00. I am going to be out of town but I am telling everyone that I know about it.

Most of us look at the TV and listen to the radio and just think, "Yeah but what am I going to do?" You can do this. This is an opportunity to stand for values and freedom; things that our government has forgotten.

Let me know if you are going to a tea party. I want to hear all about it!

Why do we need a government?

"What's a government, Mama?"

I looked at my three year old son and wanted to say, "I have no idea." I said something about it being a group that leads us and protects us, but all of this talk about taxes and marriage and abortion and cars and real estate made me think maybe I don't know what the government is.

Do you know what the President does? Do you know who your Congressman is and what he does? What is the difference between the state and the US congressmen? And what does the Supreme Court do? I'm sure that I learned all this at some point in high school but the relevance of it was lost on me until now.

Now we have a President that has just told the CEO of General Motors that he is fired. Can he do that?

Iowa and many other states are trying to decide if two women can get married. They are redefining marriage. Can they do that?

First of all, let's just say that government is a group that has the power to make and enforce laws within a larger group. It's purpose is to reward the good and punish the wicked. (I am definitely open to debate on these definitions.)

Why does this matter to me? Because what if our government decides that driving a car is wicked? Then if you get caught then you will be punished.

What if it decides that being in love with a goose is good and it rewards those who do so.

Doesn't anyone remember that quote by.... wasn't it Alex de'Toqueville?... "America will cease to be great, when America ceases to be good." Today our government is trying to redefine what good is, in order to stay great. But good can't be redefined. Good is written on our hearts. Justice is justice. Freedom is freedom.

Why do we need a government? To enforce the law. But what happens when the government itself decides to not abide by the laws it enforces. Does it bother anyone else that the Treasury Secretary of the United States, Tim Geithner, didn't pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for several years before he was appointed, and Obama's aides didn't think that that would be such a big deal when they suggested him for nomination?

Let's remind ourselves of why we have a government and hold them to it. Go to where it is really easy to just send your representative a letter. Go to and find out who your senator is.

Do you care? Does it matter? Be informed America! Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power.