Saturday, July 4, 2009

Congress in favor of wise citizens, but is Obama fostering a haven for ignorance?

Recently, I came across a quote located in some act that Congress made. It said, "Democracy demands wisdom and vision in its citizens and that (the government) must therefore support a form of education designed to make people masters of their technology and not its UNTHINKING servants."

Wow. If someone had told me that this quote came from our government, I would have said yeah right... so here's the link.

Also, this was an act from 1965. It seems that in those days we still valued the idea of being wise and free citizens. Citizens that knew better than to borrow too much money for a house that they couldn't afford. Now the government helps us to be foolish. This reinforces what I have been contemplating for several weeks now. Education makes a culture.

I'm not sure how to change our education system without just letting it bomb first. I have the option to homeschool or do private education but what about the majority of Americans that are the byproduct of a test-soaked education that is anemic in the pursuit of truth and goodness and beauty. I realize that teaching children to love to learn is harder than teaching them the facts and then making sure that they pass.

Any ideas?